‘County Lines’ workshops for Year 7

Perryfields took part in a national campaign this week to warn youngsters of the dangers of getting involved in so called ‘County Lines’ drug crime.

Officers from the West Midlands force delivered some hands on and practical lessons for Year 7 as part of a national prevention strategy.

Over the course of the day 186 students took part in a specially designed scenario to help guide someone away from the issues faced by drug supply operations.

Mr Harris, Head of Year 8 and Deputy DSL for Safeguarding helped organise the visit and says it’s important students know about the dangers:

“It’s an important message and taking part in the interactive presentation allowed them to fully explore how students can become involved in County Lines, while making interactive decisions along the way to try and change the path of the young person involved; all while gaining new understanding around the dangers and consequences of Drugs and County Lines.

Students involved showed a high level of maturity and engagement throughout the sessions, and feedback from students has been exceptionally positive with the majority of them coming away clear on the intended message of ‘Just say NO.'”