Maths Overview

Our aim within the Mathematics Department is to create opportunities for all students to become better Mathematicians. To equip students with the talents they need for short term achievement in their Mathematics exams and empowering them to tackle life using the skills they have acquired in the subject. This includes general life skills directly linked to Mathematics such as financial and spatial skills, as well as cross-curricular skills of analysis, reasoning and problem solving.

Our curriculum has been developed to allow opportunities for all students to gain a broader understanding of the topics, for students to be successful within lessons and to stretch and challenge all abilities. It can be tailored to the needs of individuals and classes to raise a student’s confidence in mathematics.

Whilst we acknowledge and support the schools KS3 and KS4 structure, the hierarchical nature of Mathematics means we take students on a journey from lessons and resources which link closely to primary school mathematics through the White Rose Scheme of work in Year 7 and the start of Year 8, to a more rigorous and demanding GCSE style in Years 10 and 11, ensuring all KS3 and KS4 National Curriculum content is covered by the appropriate point. 

Curriculum Map