International New Arrivals

International New Arrival Students

Here at Perryfields Academy, we welcome newly arrived international students. We strive to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for them to develop their proficiency in English and to access all subjects across the curriculum. Both proficiency and academic progress is tracked and monitored for each individual student and this allows us to tailor support and challenge strategies for each student. Our International students settle well in to school life and this is supported through the help of our excellent Interpreters.


We encourage all bilingual students to be proud of their ability to communicate in different languages and encourage students to use their skill to help and support other students too. Our interpreters are there to guide our international students during their transitioning period and we aim to pair all new EAL students with an interpreter who can speak the same first language. The role of an interpreter involves taking their buddy on a guided tour of the school and helping to familiarise them with their lesson timetable and the daily routines of Perryfields school life. In lessons, our interpreters will support their buddy in their learning and can help if there is a need for communication translation.

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