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The school’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) plays a vital role in the education of students. The LRC is open throughout the day with a Librarian on duty at all times to provide assistance. All students are members of the LRC and can be issued a maximum of three books at any one time; one of these books should be used during PDM. Students are encouraged to use the LRC for both reading and as a resource centre. Students are taught information skills to enable them to make full use of the resources. The LRC is a friendly, welcoming area for all students to come during their school day. Whether this is to use one of our 30 computers, meet friends and play our Educational board games, ‘chill out’ with an audio book or simply relax and lose yourself in one of our excellent books. There are many things to do in Perryfields High Learning Resource Centre.

Year 11 students have the privilege of using the LRC during the lunch time as their own social space. No other students can access it during this time.

The Accelerated Reading Programme was introduced to all Year 7 students in 2011, regardless of their Reading ability. All Year 7’s will come to the LRC for their Accelerated Reading Lesson. Reading is used during everyday life and we at Perryfields are committed to improving students reading. Improved reading ability will help increase results in other areas of the curriculum as students are more focused and better able to cope with the pressures of learning.

Introduction to Accelerated reading

Perryfields Academy has over 8000 books in the library as well as 30 computers.

Students will complete the Quick Star Reading Test which takes approximately 20 minutes. The test adapts to answers, so if answers are wrong the questions will get easier, if answers are correct they will get harder up to GCSE level. This will identify a reading age of the students and the level of books suitable for the individual, therefore the students will read a book appropriate to their level of reading but will still be slightly challenged.

The LRC is used for all Accelerated Reading as this creates the right atmosphere. Students will not only need to exchange books, they will use the computers for their quizzes. The quizzes are completed after finishing a book. They will have 10 multiple choice questions of which the students need a pass rate of 85%. This shows a good level of reading comprehension.

We would like parents to encourage their child to read 20 – 30 minutes a day.

AR works well by using a competitive atmosphere. The Family with the most correct quizzes taken during a month/ term will be rewarded. Students who have read over a million words will be named on our millionaires board. This will encourage competition between families and the need to succeed.

With a lot of hard work and commitment every student in Perryfields will leave school being able to read to a high standard.

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